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Welcome to our centre homepage

The East Midlands Centre of the Velocette Owners Club has a lot of technical expertise now sadly lost as our dealers have closed thus losing a whole database of information used to cure problems, however we still have a copy of that database we call it "centre members" so why not visit us and maybe we can offer the answer to that troublesome fault?

Please don't think we are all only interested in things technical because we also like to use our bikes and have had many successful trips to the Manx GP, Holland, Germany, and France. Closer to home we have evening runs around the local area and daytrips to places of interest which have included a day on a narrow boat (3 boats in fact) and let's not forget our nosh nights at the Red Lion. We hope to cater for everyone and that includes you. Come on your Velo, modern bike or in your car and talk Velocette with us after all we understand the language! We meet at the Red Lion on High Street Kegworth Leicestershire, which is close to the M1 Junction 24.

Why not take a chance and visit our section club night on the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of the month anytime from 8.15 pm onwards.

Want to know more before you visit? Contact the Secretary Geoff Bloor via this web site or if you are a member by the phone number in Fishtail.

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